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So far 2020 has brought us a once in a lifetime pandemic, escalated racial tension, an economic crisis, political turmoil, and sadly, even the death of Kobe Bryant. And 2020 isn’t even over yet... We still have an epic presidential election season ahead. With all of the cultural craziness in 2020, it's possible that you’ve been tempted to or have already given into hopelessness, self-medicating, spiritual apathy, fear, anger, rage, or have flat out decided to go into isolation until it's all over. You're not alone.
If the above describes you or somebody you know, this new series, Scriptures for the Season, is for you. In the midst of the unforeseen chaotic circumstances we may find ourselves in, God has given us something we can put our hope in so that there is a peace within us. Join us each Sunday at 9 AM or 10:30 AM for our new series, Scriptures for the Season.

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